Litz for air core loops?


I have a 4 foot loop my son made for me wound for LW which I don't use much. I am thinking of having it rewound for AM and wondering if Litz wire would be better or sharper tuning?  I have the 15 to 386 or so cap with 8:1 tuning for it as well.

So far from reading in the files section here, it looks like Litz windings can be laid closer together and still have less capacatance, although my frame is wide enough for LW so I can space the far fewer AM turns out.

Would the length of the Litz wire be the same as ordinary wire in an air core loop? 

What would be the best Litz type for AM?

If I add a coupling loop for co-ax to a table reciever, should that be Litz as well or will that not matter?

My 4 foot loop is square, does it matter if a smaller coupling loop inside is square or round?


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