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Greeting, all.  I've been a lurker on this list for several years now  In fact I was about 2 months into the 90 day challenge when I got sidetracked by a bunch of other things.  I have been planning a return to ultralight radio for some time, moreso as shortwave has slowed down some.  Consequently,  I have re-upped with NRC and IRCA and picked up an "out of box" Sony SRF-M37W on eBay, to replace my SRF-59 which is out of alignment.  I like the sensitivity of the new rig, and the trade-off of wider selectivity for digital readout and memories is one that is going well, so far.  I presently am located in a semi-rural location, about 10 miles west of Gainesville, FL, home of the University Florida.  I'm north of Orlando and the Tampa area.

The brief intro:  I started DXing in my home town of Key West, FL, when I was a kid.  Starting out on MW, I gravitated to SW when I got my first communications receiver as a teenager.  Over the years I was more of a tropical band DXer than MW, though I did both.  I've heard over 230 countries on SW and over 60 on MW - with a load of QSLs and some logbooks that have survived the years and the moves.  I got to know the late John Bryant through NASWA and FT/NU over the years and was glad to run into him again over here.  I have been very impressed by the group  - your DX loggings and technical material are great.  I hope to do my part to help the group and to have some fun along the way.  

I have almost completed a spreadsheet of my ultralight logs on Excel, and am currently a little over 200 stations heard.  I will give you better totals when I have done my QC on the spreadsheet.  Below are a few recent domestic logs.



1010  MISSISSIPPI  WMOX, Meridian.  2235-2237 Good with ID and ad string.  10 November

1300  FLORIDA   WFFG, Marathon.  Noted at 0350 as an UNID running talk, rising out of the scrum at times, peaking nicely around 0355 with mention of Jim Bohannon show, into ads for Marathon area, then ID around 0400.  Fair signal  when it was in, though mixing with many.  13 November

1480  GEORGIA  WYZE, Atlanta.  Caught at 2206 with ID and slogan as "Atlanta's Gospel Voice", into African-American gospel programming.  Good on 11 November.

1520  FLORIDA   WXYB, Indian Rocks Beach.  Presume the one at 0045-0050+, with Greek programming including ads with 727 area code, good on 13 November.  Also:  0315 VG w/Greek music and Greek M ancr, 0328 with ads, including Kontas (?) market, ID at 0330.  Dominating Okahoma City and Buffalo. This on 21 November, so they're still at it. Though I'm only about 100 miles away, this 600-watter is probably getting out a fair distance since it has a pretty good signal at times.    Listed as 600w daytime, with an application for nights at 17w per NRC.  Worth checking.

1520  FLORIDA  Apopka.  WBZN.  2220 ads, ad for "Blue Darter sports" (assume local HS),  2225 ID and into syndicated "Powering America Radio".  Very good signal.  Looking for, but not finding, WXYB this early. 21 November

1540  IOWA  Waterloo-Cedar Rapids.  KXEL.  0255 with ads under Nassau,  ID by M at 0302 as "KXEL, The Voice of Panther Basketball", VG in ZNS null.  21 November.  Yeah, I know it's 50kW on a clear chanel, but it's yet another example of me doing so much of my prior MW DXing in an RF environment saturated with Cuba (or in this case, the Bahamas).  Back in the Keys, you would never hear WJR, WCCO, and WHO, let alone this one.    21 November

1570  FLORIDA  Auburndale.  WTWB, "La Raza", SP XE format, with ads for Bartow Ford and a doctor in Haines City, then ID.  2224-2227 all at local level during sunset skip.  21 November

1580   ALABAMA  Oxford.  WVOK.  0225 running sat-fed oldies format (Lovin' Spoonful, Herman's Hermits), 0234 with quick WVOK ID.  F/G on peaks.  FCC database lists this as 22w at night.  17 November

1580  KENTUCKY  WWTF, Lexington.  Big signal at 2206 with ID and "Fox Sports Kentucky" slogan. 10 November

1590  FLORIDA, Port St. Lucie.  WPSL, news  by M+W at 2235 t/in with mentions of "CBS12", 2237  advert for WPSL pgms, IDing as "Talk of the Treasure Coast".  G/VG.  21 November

David Potter
Newberry, FL
Receiver:  Sony SRF-M37W, running barefoot.  Sony 2010 spotting receiver.

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