PL606 barefoot SW logs..

Dan Sheedy <wpe6bvt@...>

Greetings from slightly damp So.Cal.--a couple of morning sessions @ Moonlight Beach have brought some fun stuff:

6050 Asyik/Salam FM (via RTM-Kajang) 1440-1529* 11 Nov. Usual ML pop/listeners' phone calls on Asyik (& no jingles, but occ. "Radio Malaysia" generic 'IDs'), 1500 has 1+1 pips, TC, Salam FM jingle, Negara Ku, another jingle into AR/qira'ut with commentary, some "lagu-lagu Islam" (well, Islamic-influenced tunes @ least), more chat in ML & off mid-word. Most days these guys shut-down by 1502-04, so the additional time is very welcome.

9585 TWR (Manzini) *1453-1504 10 Nov. IS/ID loop in EG into Malagasy programme..sked 1455-1525 daily.

11945 CNR1 1550+ 10 Nov. Echo jam v. RFA (15-17 CH)..//6125 (regular sked).

12115 Reach Beyond Australia/HCJB (Kununurra) 1440-1500, 1525-1530* 11 Nov. "Insight for Living" w/ OZ contact info (phone: 1 300 467 444 & p-mail: POB 443 Baronia, VIC 3155), "Hope for the Heart" opening @ TOH..1525-30* closing ID/sked (1400 UT/8:30 P IST).."This is Reach Beyond Australia--Life-Changing Radio".

12115 R. Dialogue (Talata-Volonondry) *1600-1630 10 Nov. Opens in Ndebele/Shona, local "hi-life" style tunes, SMS#s in EG, "jingle string" @ 1625, including "Radio Dialogue-Giving You A Voice", "Radio Dialogue-With The Community At Heart"..poor s/on, but improving nicely by BOH.

15100 RVA (Santa Maria Galleria) (presumed) 1517-1525+ 12 Nov. Pilipino programme w/ nice mix of EG phrases..sked 15-1553 daily.

15470 Vatican Radio (Tinang) 1522-1532+ 12 Nov. Closing Malayalam programme (sked 1510-1530), VR IS, ID, into EG with Pope Francis' "General Audience".

next up? AWR-15275 (Kigali), Nei Menggu PBS 7420/9520 & an audio stroll through 22M, if conditions & my attention span permit.

cheers to all from the beach..


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