PL606 barefoot SW logs for 9 Nov.

Dan Sheedy <wpe6bvt@...>

Hello to all & i hope November is treating everyone well..
Apologies for not reporting more often, but the 2nd PL380 went to that great Tecsun warehouse in the sky (dunno what it is, but PL380s seem to give up in disgust after about 6-8 months of use here, oh well)..anyway, i got a PL606 to play with & after realizing it overloads rather nicely if i use the "alli-clip hook-up" scheme that works so well with the G5, i'm using the whip by itself & so long as i keep my grubby mitts off the antenna while DXing, everything's dandy..
the '606 seems roughly equal to the '380 in sensitivity, somewhat more prone to overload, & a lot of work to tune--i've become 'way too used to having a key-pad for frequency entry, it seems--just like band-scanning with an analog SW receiver, in fact..on a positive note, the tuning thumb-wheel on the '606 is much sturdier feeling than the semi-wobbly one on the '380--i get itty-bitty thumb/forefinger calluses from tuning through the bands (i may need therapy & i don't think Medicare covers it, hi)
here are a couple of "barefoot" logs from a very quick session this morning:
11700 TWR (Manzini) *1627-1630+ IS/ID loop into Amharic programme (sked Su-M 1630-1645)
11880 RA (Shepparton) 1635 just slid past these guys w/ discussion on WW1/Mid-East issues (sked daily 1500-2000)
targets: now that CFRX-6070 is back, i'll be chasing them after RHC's SP shuts down (tho RHC is sked in EG 05-07, they're pretty much not on)..& heard (on the "big" radio) mixing with VoK's JP pgms 1000-1250, so that's another option--also Rwanda-6055 has been fairly regular after R. Nikkei 1 closes @ 1500, so i'll look for them @ the beach.
thanks to all the ULR DXers who keep this yg so interesting--if you get "MW-overload", why not try a cruise through SW for a bit of a change?
cheers from the beach..

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