Antenna Ethics


Hello All,

Its that time of year again - the trout season is over and the low bands are calling.

I'm wondering how big /  complex you can go with an UL antenna and it still be considered as UL?

For example, an FSL is relatively mechanically complex, is ultra-heavy (in terms of mass), but occupies a relatively small amount of space.

An air core loop is bigger, more mechanically simple and potentially low-mass.

A longwire is very simple and can be extremely light depending on dimensions and material choice.  A BOG could be simpler still.  However, we are then getting into the realms of traveling wave antennas which I get the feeling is considered "unsporting" in the world of ULDX.

More simply:  are simple, big wire antennas not appropriate?  What about complexity - is an FSL not UL because of its lack of simplicity?

I know these are very subjective questions - I welcome all opinions.

vy 73 de Dave M0MYA.

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