Grundig Mini 300-- Mini AM Performance

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     The Grundig Mini 300 is one of the Ultralight radios to be reviewed in the upcoming 2009 Shootout, and is an analog AM-FM radio with 7 shortwave bands, using a somewhat erratic digital readout system. It retails for around $35 in the USA.
     Prompted by a request on the forum for a Mini 300 alignment procedure, I went ahead and performed one early, peaking the loopstick and 1400 kHz trimmer (in the dubious hope of improving upon AM performance that was absolutely abysmal).  The alignment made a marginal difference in the unit's high-band sensitivity, but this model is obviously not designed for any type of AM-DXing, and there's no way to cure a total turkey by giving it a minor tweak.
     Shortwave listeners may be attracted to this unit because of the 7 bands and compact size, but AM-DXers should save their money, and avoid this model.  It puts the thrill back into receiving your locals. Further details (and denigrations) are upcoming in the Shootout.
     73,  Gary DeBock   

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