Re: Recorder Advice Still Needed - Badly

Brett Saylor <bds2@...>

On Sun, Feb 1, 2009 at 2:35 PM, Gary Kinsman <gkinsman@...> wrote:
Hi Brett,

Hi Gary...

Does the Sony ICD-UX70 MP3 recorder do timer recordings (like a
VCR)? If so, how many on/off times can be selected?

No, it does not - at least I haven't found out how to.

Can the signal being recorded be monitored through the speakers on
the Sony (rather than using a splitter and headphones)?

The recorder doesn't have a speaker built-in, only a headphone output.

BTW, Amazon has the red version for under $76, with free shipping.

I also saw some new-in-box on eBay for around $60. Not a bad price,


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