Coming back to the hobby

Paul Blundell

Hi all,

Well it has been about 6 months since I was really active in the ultralight dxing hobby and on here. I have had a lot going on both personally and professionally which has seen me head in a different direction, thankfully I am now back on the "right" track.

Basically for a number of years I have been involved in the LEGO hobby including running expos here in Tasmania. Back in April when my interest in the ultralight dxing hobby was at it's peak I was ready to leave the LEGO hobby totally after our expo in April, some stuff happened behind the scenes with this club and I stayed on to try and help resolve some of these issues, after a few months I have now decided that that chapter of my life is over once and for all and I am now able to devote my time and effort to ultralight dxing.

I am looking over the past few months worth of messages now to see what I have missed out on. I am reviewing my logs and hope to have some loggings to report very soon.


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