Re: SONY ICF-S22 and ICF-390 'cheap' radios& ICF-B08 -FARMERIK


On the ICF-S22, the exposed part of the thumb wheel tuning is just under a full inch, and it takes three full passes to get across the tuning bands. So three inches of thumb wheel travel gets you across the tuning range which has a display less than 1.5 inches across. Tuning is slightly stiff, but there is plenty of 'traction' on the big thumb wheel which has grooves across it. There is NO play or back lash in the tuning at all.

On the ICF-390 only 3/4 inch of the thumbwheel is exposed and it takes almost 8 times to get all the way across the bands.The indicator needle travels almost 2 inches. Tuning is less stiff, and there is no play or backlash at all.


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