Re: Recorder Advice Still Needed - Badly

Gary Kinsman

Hi Brett,

Does the Sony ICD-UX70 MP3 recorder do timer recordings (like a
VCR)? If so, how many on/off times can be selected?

Can the signal being recorded be monitored through the speakers on
the Sony (rather than using a splitter and headphones)?

BTW, Amazon has the red version for under $76, with free shipping.


--- In ultralightdx@..., Brett Saylor <bds2@...> wrote:

Hi John,

I have, however, successfully recorded audio from my ULR's using
the Sony ICD-UX70 MP3 stereo recorder. The Sony recorder weighs
less than 2 oz., has 1GB memory, records at 128 kbps stereo and
has a line-in jack that can intelligently take either an external
microphone or the line out direct from the radio - no transformers
or impedance adapters needed. I plug a stereo splitter from Radio
Shack into the headphone jack of the radio and run my headphones
out of one side and a stereo patch cable to the Sony out of the
The Sony is absolutely the perfect mini-DX recorder - it auto-
names the files including the date, and has a USB
plug to transfer the recorded MP3 files to the computer directly
from the recorder. All I have to do is
write down the order of the recordings and I can match the times
and frequencies up later.

It's available for around $80 direct from Sony or other online
sources, so it comes close to your price range.

Brett Saylor

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