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Brett Saylor <bds2@...>

Hi John,

Many of the older Samsung MP3 players that had built-in FM radios would do line-in recordings via a 1/8 inch "ENC" input jack. I have two models, the YP-MT6 and YP-T7 that I picked up cheap on eBay. The issue I had with them was the amount of RF noise they generated, which could not always be reduced by seperating the radio from the recorder. But if one can find them cheap, it's worth experimenting.

I have, however, successfully recorded audio from my ULR's using the Sony ICD-UX70 MP3 stereo recorder. The Sony recorder weighs less than 2 oz., has 1GB memory, records at 128 kbps stereo and has a line-in jack that can intelligently take either an external microphone or the line out direct from the radio - no transformers or impedance adapters needed. I plug a stereo splitter from Radio Shack into the headphone jack of the radio and run my headphones out of one side and a stereo patch cable to the Sony out of the other.

The Sony is absolutely the perfect mini-DX recorder - it auto-names the files including the date, and has a USB
plug to transfer the recorded MP3 files to the computer directly from the recorder. All I have to do is
write down the order of the recordings and I can match the times and frequencies up later.

The Sony introduces a little noise on AM but if I separate it from the radio by a foot or two of cable, and
move it with respect to the antenna, the noise drops to almost nothing.

It's available for around $80 direct from Sony or other online sources, so it comes close to your price range.

Brett Saylor

On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 10:25 PM, John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...> wrote:
Thanks to all who responded to the initial plea for the experience of
folks who have successfully recorded audio from Ultralights. Some
people replied via the group, others directly to me.... In either
case, they were really helpful.

Unfortunately, most of the replies dealt with fairly high=-dollar
semi-professional solid state recorders.  HAS ANYONE HAD SUCCESS
USING ONE OF THE MANY MP3 PLAYERS as an audio recorder for
ULtralights.... things that run in the $50 to $75 dollar range, at
least at close-out??? If you've had success, please let me know so
that I can include such valuable experience in the almost finished article.


John B.

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