SONY ICF-S22 and ICF-390 'cheap' radios& ICF-B08 -FARMERIK


With so many posts re: the smaller shirt pocket SONY, I thought I'd mention a few others. From the UK on Ebay, I purchased both these inexpensively  with shipping to the USA.

The ICF-S22 is a shirt pocket portable I got approved as an official ULR and it DXed quite well barefoot from my location. About $25.The thumb wheel tuning is unusually large, and easy to fine tune.

The ICF-390 can be found under $20 and is too large to be a ULR. The ferrite inside is pretty large for an inexpensive radio, about 4.5 inches long. With its larger speaker whoose opening in the grill is about 2.5 inches audio is good for that size and it drives a 1950's designed  efficient Hi-Fi speaker quite well.

Both above radios have excellant LED tuning indicators which get brighter and brighter as you tune in precisely bare foot or with an external AM loop including my new favorite the PK diameter  14 inch model.

The crank up/ LED lights/ Emergency ICF-B08 seems really expensive priced over $100 with shipping normally. It is MUCH smaller than I expected, with the speaker grill openings only about 1.3 inches in diameter. The sound is MUCH better than I would think. Both the flashlight beam LED and the soft area LED light are good for close to the radio, and construction quality is far better than any of the much less expensive crank up radios designed in China. It can certainly casually DX AM as well, hearing distant moderate power stations easily. It took me a long time to find a version with USA AM and FM band coverage. [5.3-1700KHz &88-108MHz]

None of these three radios are FM DXers, but hear local FM stations quite well with pleasant audio.

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