Re: Do PL-310/380 use the whip or ferrite for LW?

Richard Jones

Look in the files section for articles on "supercharging" your PL-380. The Tecsun line of radios use a special DSP "radio on a chip" to varying degrees of success. The 380 has proven to be Tecsun's best effort to date in maximizing the capabilities of this rather miraculous little chip. It was discovered that the installed internal ferrite can be greatly improved upon by those with some electronic skill and ability. The articles are the result of hundreds of hours of dedicated research into what can be done to maximize that DSP chip. By winding and installing an external 8" ferrite loopsick whose inductance is a nearly perfect match to the DSP chip, the MW and LW performance of the radio rises to the level of some tabletop class radios. All in a very portable package. You will need to choose your preferred band or provide a way to switch loopsticks because one loopstick is optimized for MW and another for LF though in practice there is some crossover. To go just a bit deeper, the DSP chip contains its own varicap diodes that when connected to an external loopstick, form a classic tuned resonate loop antenna. So you get high Q and natural preselection right into the very heart of the DSP chip. The chip also has an input for a whip antenna for the SW and FM bands. If you go the manufacturers website and look at the datasheet for the chip you will see that ESD discharge on these inputs is not a good idea since they are not buffered in any way. In other words, blast the front end of a Sony 2010 and you replace a front end FET. Blast the Tecsun DSP chip and you may have a paperweight!

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