Re: Congrats to Gary on the AUSSIE on the Sony T615........



I'd like to add my congrats as well. a DU on an
ultralight is phenomenal.


Craig Barnes
Wondervu, CO

--- D1028Gary@... wrote:

Dennis, Rob and Allen,

Thank you all very much for your
congratulations on the 531-DU logging.
Unfortunately, the west coast DU experts all say
that there are at least
two good possible Australians on the frequency, and
even a New Zealand
possibility. Since there was no ID heard (only
repeated music, with no voice
breaks), the station will remain an "unID" until
somebody (hopefully me) receives it
again on an Ultralight, and hears a positive ID.

Actually, I'm quite happy to have shown that
Ultralight radios are
capable of breaking the "DU barrier." Sooner or
later one of the "Northwest
Gang" (or maybe a lucky DXer elsewhere) will have a
solid ID on an Australian,
and I'll be the first to congratulate him. Nick,
Guy, Dennis and Steve all
are very capable and experienced in DU DXing, and
all have a great chance to
hear the first Aussie ID on an Ultralight. John B.
is also coming back to
Washington, and is sure to try his luck. Good
luck, guys!

73, Gary

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