Friday Night Lights - Out of Practice, I guess

Dave Hascall

Well I brought out both of my ULR's and Smartphone in an attempt to not only gran some Friday night HS football games that always seem to stand out but maybe take advantage of the auroral conditions.  I ventured out to our  "tree bench," in an effort to get away from TV and PC generated RFI.   I guess that I never took how much racket that tree frogs and crickets make but I was able to add two new ones to the ULR only book - both TN "cheaters."  That seems to have been a pattern in that state, for decades and neither was carrying HSFB!  I gave up after 45 minutes of cold and noise and I guess lack of practice.  

930 WSRV TN Sevierville 9-12 2230 Strong w/continual Smoky Mountain Radio promos and local ads.  On day rig late.  New ULR log. DH-IN

1180 WVLZ TN Knoxville 9-13 0100 Very strong w/Oldies and TOH ID.  Thanks to Steve Francis (TN).  I heard earlier and thought it was Conservative talk lead in music, lol.  New ULR log. DH-IN

DH-IN: Dave Hascall Indianapolis IN Eton e-100 barefoot.  Times EDT

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