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Phillip Fimiani

I already have a broadcast filter... It works fine....

Its in the radio shack, so I can use one for portable operation.
Thanks for the link...
Best Regards
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Hi Phil,

In the discussion about small receivers, I saw your comment about needing a broadcast band filter.

I have used the Kiwa BCB filter (both regular & premium models) before, as well as custom made  filters from W1VLF ( Clifton Laboratories is another source. All of these filters can be pricey, though.

I was happy to recently find a nice 9th-order 1.8 MHz high pass filter kit (BCB filter) from an Australian vendor at a good price. It should be arriving this week and I look forward to building it. Here is the link and info:

I chose the basic kit of components, which is about $17.00 USD. Airmail shipping was reasonable too, at $8.00 USD, and they confirmed shipment VERY fast. Rather than get the recommended Hammond 1550Q enclosure from MiniKits, I ordered one stateside from Mouser Electronics for $5.22 plus shipping. I already have some BNC female chassis mount connectors on hand.

So, if you are handy with DIY construction you can save some $$$ and build your own BCB filter from the MiniKits source.


Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA

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Re: which receiver?        

Still working on the active antenna that will help me with SW and LW... I need a broadcast filter too... I have a local ramming down the receiver.... So when I do use the active antenna, its VERY sensitive to the point of overload. The filter and grounding will help that.
Best Regards

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