New Eton E100 at $45 (shipped) from Zoaxis Electronics

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     With the E100 now discontinued, various sellers have been offering new units on eBay for greatly reduced prices.  Some of the models were store demos, but some actually have never been used.
     The current best bargain is the offer from Zoaxis Electronics of Austin, Texas, of a new E100 for $45.00, including shipping (within the USA).  Wondering if these models were actually new, and if they were of the "good" (modifiable) variety, I placed an order recently for one of these bargain-basement models.
     The package from Zoaxis Electronics arrived very promptly (3 days) by USPS Priority Mail, and did indeed contain a brand new E100 of the "good" variety (Serial # E10-0503xxxxxx).  A quick check revealed that the new E100 operated typically on AM, i.e. very sensitive on the high end, and a little deaf on the low end (easily cured by a Slider loopstick).  About the only complaint I would have is that the unit had no protective packing other than the stock Eton box, which was stuck in a USPS Priority Mail box of the smallest possible size (without any "Fragile" markings).  Despite this, it seems to have made the trip well, a testament to the high-quality construction by the Tecsun factory.
     New E100 units are still available from multiple sources, and at the current reduced prices offer a supreme value for Ultralight DXers looking for maximum DX performance at a very low price.
     73,  Gary DeBock

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