Re: which receiver?

Phillip Fimiani

When I got my modified 380, the external connector had been removed to directly connect the external FSL. I reinstalled an external antenna jack and wired it such that the Ferrite antenna is disconected when another antenna is plugged in.

I plan to use it to connect my Sangean external long wire unit or other antenna (active antenna).
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But the Tecsuns have the problem that the internal ferrite rod is not
disconnected when you attach an external antenna :-(

> > But do you have and others experiences with electric noise etc? That
> > was also one of my question..

Yes, my office is full of fans and PSUs. And there is a lot of noise. But
like someone else said typically a portable is not going to work well in
that environment, which is why I had suggested a desktop unit and an
external antenna. And see above, Tecsuns don't get less noisy on MW with an
external antenna because the internal antenna is still there picking up

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