Re: which receiver?

Greg Shoom

The DE1103 does not qualify as an ultralight receiver, so don't get it if you're looking specifically for an ultralight receiver. But if you're just looking for a good portable receiver I would recommend it. I have one (in its KA1103 variant) and I think it is an excellent little radio. It's the one I take with me whenever I travel.

I can't comment on the Tecsun radios - I haven't used either of them.

Greg S.

On 7 Sep 2014 16:10, "Hans Stam hansstam@... [ultralightdx]" <ultralightdx@...> wrote:

I am looking for a receiver like the Tecsun PL-380 or 390
But also think about a DE1103 I have read many good reviews.
I like to know if the 380 is worth buying, and how it handles with noise of electric devices etc.
Please tell me about your experiences, thanks!

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