Re: New Eton E100 Article Posted



Circuit City now has the Eton E5s on their website for
$99.99, with what appears to be a limited supply, at
least in the Denver area.


Craig Barnes
Wondervu, CO

--- Dennis Gibson <> wrote:

Its big brother the E10 is excellent. At times Fry's
has sold refurbs
on their web site for $29.99. That's where I got
mine. It has a few
almost indistinguishable scratches on the display.
The IF shift
feature is really clever and makes it more like dual
conversion but it
is single conversion. At full price ($130.00) I
don't think it's a
good value because for $20.00 more you can get an
Eton/Grundig E5/G5,
which has SSB. The E10 does not.

--- In, "John H.
Bryant" <bjohnorcas@...>

Gary DeBock and I have combined our efforts and
produced an
illustrated article that covers both disassembly
and alignment of the
Eton E100. Its replaced my recent disassembly-only
article on the
first page of the Ultralight files area of

I should also mention that an E100 just went for
$46.00 Friday night
on ebay (to one of us, I hope) and there are
several others available
on the auction site, too. If I remember, they
start at a slightly
higher price, but still at a real discount from
suggested retail
price. This wonderful little radio has been
discontinued by Eton, so
if you think that you would like to have one, NOW

John B. + Flocka Ultralights
Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA
Rcvrs: WiNRADiO 313e, Eton e1, NRD-535(kiwa-mods)
Antennas: 700' NE/SW mini-Bev, Wellbrook Phased
(pre-production version)

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