Re: Receiver sensitivity parameter

kevin asato <kc6pob@...>

Poor performance on the BCB. That's pretty relative. I had a high school FM radio station transmitter that was supposedly well filtered. Still, it was very possible for all the attached wiring and everything else associated with the transmitter to actually allow the retransmission the BCB signal out the FM antenna. Signal was so strong that it affected all the telephones in the area, tool. BCB transmitter was a 50KW site and my high school was about 1/2 mitle away.Not a happy situaltion. Bottom line is that rf has a habit of sneaking in on you, even when you do plan for it.
Not meant as a comment of derision but, Best of Luck in your endeavor.

What I am
thinking of trying is to find a receiver with good
sensitivity at the low end of the short wave bands to give
me an indication of the active performance of the receiver
but which has a poor performance on the BCB.  Then I can
interface in my own antenna.    I am thinking that I need
to look for a receiver with a short ferrite but with great
2MHz performance.

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