New station logged 8/31/14


I've managed to log a new medium wave station.

1239 GMT 750 kHz KSEO, Durant OK (0.22 kW @ 276 km/172 mi). Heard by chance while listening to KMMJ, Lexington NE, with a promo for the University of
Oklahoma vs. University of Tulsa football game "on KSEO" on 9/6/14. It immediately faded out under KMMJ. Faded-in briefly at 1254 with "Good times oldies
are back in Texoma....." Heard on a PL-310ET and 8-inch FSL.

1217 GMT KSEO heard again with song "Dream Weaver", followed by weather forecast for southeast Oklahoma., then faded away at 1220. Heard on a barefoot

I must admit I didn't know the station existed until heard on Sunday. Total ULR station #1041 and barefoot #1028.

Good DX.

Richard Allen,
near Perry OK USA.

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