Re: Tecsun DR-920 (aka Grundig G1100/Eton E1100) Cheap on Ebay

Guy Atkins

Hi Huelbe,
Well, that is disappointing. It sounds like Eton/Grundig is going backwards, if they are just rebadging a year and a half old radio.
However, perhaps the sensitivity is just a matter of inaccurate out-of-the-box alignment, and can be fixed by following some basic steps such as Gary DeBock has described. Even many of  the popular SRF-59 radios have not been well aligned from the factory.
Hopefully the selectivity can be remedied with a replacement filter, although it may be more effort than it is worth, on such an inexpensive radio.
BTW, the auction number I listed at first was wrong. The correct Ebay auction item number to check is: 370045350485. Or, you can just search for all auctions by "Trinityforevertrading".
Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA USA

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Hello Guy, friends.

When you said "DR-920" I immediatelly thought, "oh no!"

I have checked the site: DR-920 is physically the same G1100 receiver from
Grundig/Eton site. An search though Internet came a few pics of E1100,
identical to G1100.

About DR-920 I bought one about 1.5 years ago and now it's my dad's radio
:). It's full analog, has a frequency meter and clock. It's not PLL/DDS. Its
sensitivity is weak to poor, but its selectivity is horrible! You can listen
a strong station as far as 30 khz away from its nominal frequency. Still,
it's a nice gift for your dad who listens only to local hard-news stations

So, assuming DR-920 = G1100 = E1100 (and I am confident they are the same
receiver), I don't think they are a replacement for E100.



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