Re: E100 Serial Numbers- The Good, Bad & Ugly

Gary DeBock

Hi Gil,
     You are certainly correct in saying that the E100 has a great reliability factor (I also have an E1XM).  The E100 is a radio technician's dream, with quality construction, circuit boards that can easily be swapped between units, very reliable IC's, etc. Now that "oceansno.1" and other eBay sellers are offering great E100 units at bargain-basement prices (such as new units for $45, including shipping), it's smart to stock up on these high-quality radios for future use, including transoceanic DX modifications.
     Other 455 kHz IF Ultralights with 1 kHz tuning resolution are on the market (such as the C.Crane SWP), but not with the E100's build quality.  Both Steve R. and I agree (after fully modifying an SWP and DT-400W for transoceanic DX) that the E100 is like a Cadillac compared to other Ultralights.
     73,  Gary  
In a message dated 1/28/2009 3:37:22 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, gilstacy@... writes:

An irony of the Eton E100 versus the more expensive big brother Eton
E1-XM is that the cheaper radio, the E100, seems to have had fewer
quality control issues in manufacture than earlier runs of the E1. Of
course, it is a simpler radio. I have bought E100s from Durham and
oceansno.1 and have had no problems.
73 Gil

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