Re: Question about pl380/pl390 volume knobs..

Ken Kizer

I too need suggestions for same decoder problem on my pl390.
Tuner cleaner, or just spin the controls rapidly for a minute or two.
I've done this several times, and it rescues the functions w/o
breaking the pots. I think a film builds up that requires cleaning.

Otherwise, if you're still under warranty, send it back.

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How can volume/tune knobs being used when faulty. Are there ways to
connect the pins of the volume/tune knob, so that they can be tuned?

I have added pictures under

Files---->6 Alignment & Modification---->pl380-pl390 volume tune knobs

Anybody any ideas? A simple try to connect some of these pins, and give
some voltage to the volume knob didn't work ...

The controls on my 390 get balky when I don't use them enough, or when
the batteries have just about lost power.


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