Re: Tecsun Pl-310ET vs Pl-380


Try the current Degen DE1105, a small radio that fits in the ultralight category in size, but has been ignored by all but those in the Yahoo Degen DE1105 group.

On Monday, July 21, 2014 10:09 AM, "farmerik@... [ultralightdx]" wrote:

I never had a PL-380. I think talk here was the soft mute was more of a problem on the '310?. You should read all the reviews in the files section here if you have not already. My favorite is the 310ET with good performance on all bands. It may have a longer ferrite for AM than the 380.  All the DSP radios are excellant on FM. I did have a PL-390 and did not think two tiny speakers were any better than one. The '310ET drives an external speaker better as well. Of course the '390 is not actually an ULR. The controls are slightly different, so for my tired analog mind, I chose the '310ET as my choice for an all around DSP radio. The tall skinny one allows you to just plug in different ferrite AM antennas, which is very nice for AM DXing without having to modify a radio. But to use as is or simply connected to an external speaker or headphones, I like the '310ET. ETM scans SW nicely, but slightly more expensive portables like the SONY SW-11 find far more SW stations. It does tell me which bands are more active and is great for comparing antennae quickly by counting the number of stations before conditions change. - FARMERIK

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