E100 Serial Numbers- The Good, Bad & Ugly

Gary DeBock

Hi Rob & Others,
      For the benefit of all who missed out on the E100 serial number investigation last summer, here is the summary.
     During intensive experimental work in the summer to modify the E100 for improved transoceanic DX performance (which eventually produced the Slider E100's with the Murata IF filters), John Bryant reported receiving an E100 from Durham Radio that was completely different in design from those that we were accustomed to, and not possible to modify for improved DX performance.  John then asked for owners of E100's to check serial numbers, and report to him which units seemed to be of the "new version" (which could not be modified).   After very extensive work by John to create a database of E100 serial numbers, it was determined that all E100's EXCEPT those having serial numbers of E10-0709xxxxxx could be modified.  Keith of Durham Radio did us all a huge favor in checking the serial numbers of his remaining stock, ensuring that any E100's sold through the DXer.Ca special $44 offer would be of the "old type," accepting the modifications.
     As we all know, Durham Radio has exhausted their supply of the discontinued E100's, and purchasers of E100's from eBay must now take their chances on getting the "old" or "new" E100 versions (unless the seller gives out the serial numbers).  From my own experience in purchasing and modifying multiple E100's, I would guess that about 20% of the units received by the Ultralight community were "new," or un-modifiable units. So in purchasing unknown units from eBay, the odds are pretty good that you will receive an E100 of the modifiable variety.
     The termination of the E100 by Eton/ Tecsun has apparently caused a large number of eBay sellers to offer the E100 at bargain prices, unheard of a year ago.  For those who always wanted an E100 but didn't like paying around $50 plus shipping, sellers are now offering new units at $45, including shipping.  The E100 is an amazing Ultralight radio, and such bargains won't last forever.  Check out a full review of the Eton E100 in the Ultralight Radio Summertime Shootout (in the DXer.Ca ULR file area), for full details on this radio's superb capabilities.
     73,  Gary DeBock     

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