FM Logs, June 29-30

Stephen Ponder <stephen_ponder@...>

Heard these stations during intermittent sleep periods over the past two days. The more I use the CCPocket Radio with the CCBuds earbuds, the more I enjoy the combo.

All times are CDT.

89.9 KQVI TX Cedar Lake - 06/29, 1600 PM CDT with ID "KNLY 91.1 New Waverly y KQVI 89.9 Cedar Lake" then back to Spanish religious programming using the "Radio Vida Visión" tag. Not a new station, but one of my semi-locals. I'm surprised that I've never heard this one before.

99.7 KBCY TX Tye - 06/29, 0520 AM CDT with interview between female announcer and Abilene Fire Department spokesperson about Blood Drive on July 2, then ID "99.7 FM KBCY." I was super excited to catch this one!!

103.5 KBPA TX San Marcos - 06/29, 0454 AM CDT with ID "103.5 Bob FM" and spots for local businesses - "CenTex Foundation" and "Charles Maund Volkswagen."

105.3 KRLD-FM TX Dallas - 06/30, 0342 AM CDT with ID "105.3 The Fan" at end of a CBS Sports segment that listed the phone number "855-212-4CBS." At 0344 AM CDT, another ID "CBS Sports Radio on 105.3 The Fan."

105.3 KSMG TX Seguín - 06/30, 0356 AM CDT with One Direction's "The Story of My Life," then at 0359 AM CDT ID - "This is what today's best music sounds like on Magic 105-3" and mention of iHeart Radio, followed by "Be Safe, Be Smart" PSA. Spot for the San Antonio Zoo at 0400 AM CDT.

106.1 KIOC-FM TX Orange - 06/30, 0244 AM CDT with ID "Big Dog 106." This is one of my semi-regulars, so I started to tune away, but I heard another station mixing with it, so I moved the cord to my earbuds to a different angle and … sweetness!! It was 106.1 KISS FM from Dallas!!

106.1 KHKS-FM TX Denton - 06/30, mixing with the Golden Triangle's Big Dog 106, almost missed it! Popped up at 0245 AM CDT with ID "106.1 Kiss FM" then disappeared.


73 & Good DX,

Steve Ponder, N5WBI
Houston, TX

"The trouble with trouble is that it usually starts out like fun." - Anonymous

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