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The selectivity would be primarily that of the DSP chip. My intial hookup suggests
that an added frontend with MOSFET + NPN follower can tune sharply enough
to selectively enhance either the upper or lower sideband. This also applies to a passive,
inductively-coupled external tuned ferrite or loop - most impressively with an FSL.
I have yet to try a Q-multiplier or RF-regen stage. That might generate stability problems,
but proven designs have been published, so in principle it should work.

Famous last words???


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Although it's "possible" to inductively tune a RF front end for an Si 484x radio-on-a-chip,
the selectivity is NOT good.

One of the only other options one might think of would be to remake / breadboard
the front-end of the GE SuperRadio and go from there ??

Joe Rotello

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