Re: Loopstick for tropical bands

Richard Jones

I posted some pictures under loopstick antenna project. All parts I had on hand or are from eBay. The variable capacitor is really nice and currently available from a UK seller. It has gear reduction and a built in pot for remote positioning information. I'll post additional pictures of my remote controlled version but it's currently on my bench at work! I installed an aluminum interface plate that is drilled and tapped to accommodate various sizes of proto boards commonly available on eBay. I'm planning on experimenting with several preamp designs I have on hand and I don't want to drill my nice and expensive case full of holes! Yet to be added are an on/ off switch, a fuse, a knob, maybe a 9 volt battery holder and maybe a little digital voltmeter module that is off (and quiet) unless I push a button) to check voltage. The last picture is of a little adaptor I made so I can test a loopstick for proper tuning before stuffing it into the pvc pipe. As far as the preamp, all designs culled from hours of surfing and learning about jfet, balanced rf preamps. Nothing much critical component wise except for finding a fairly closely matched pair of jfet's and supporting resistors.

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