Tecsun DR-920 (aka Grundig G1100/Eton E1100) Cheap on Ebay

Guy Atkins

For those interested, the E100's replacement, the E1100, is available
in a Tecsun-badged version from Ebay seller "Trinityforevertrading".
The price is $12.99 with $13.00 shipping from Hong Kong.

Check out auction #250238926506 for an example of one of this
seller's auctions for the DR-920. The auction says this model is the
same as the Grundig G1100, which is the same thing as the new Eton
E1100. The seller says "we have a lot in stock".

The price certainly is low enough to be painless, in case this model
turns out to be a dog! Perhaps we ULers will get lucky and find this
to be a nice model.

I wasn't aware that an ultralight is defined as less that 20 cubic
inches in mass, and with a single bandwidth, until John Bryant
pointed it out recently. This Tecsun/Eton/Grundig model fits both
requirements with a 15.19" cubic inches measurement, and a single


Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA USA

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