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Russ Edmunds <wb2bjh@...>

I have seen reviews of earlier DT-400's which reflected only modest improvements over
my DT-200 experiences. The fact that others are now finding the DT-400 to be useful
from a DX standpoint would appear to reflect improvements in later production units.

Russ Edmunds
15 mi NNW of Philadelphia
Grid FN20id


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Subject: Re: [ultralightdx] Re: Sangean DT-400W...
Date: Saturday, April 5, 2014, 9:23 AM


Hmm, then we might presume, and hope, that Sangean
made improvements in the DT-400, as at least on both AM and
FM, here in Knoxville TN, we have almost adjacent AM and FM
weaker/strong stations.

On both local and distance weak/strong reception, both the
Sony model and the Sangean DT-400W appeared to function
fairly well, allowing for substantial signal separation
although it took a little effort on both the Sony and the
Sangean...knock on wood, as others mileage may vary.
Joe Rotello / Knoxville, TN / USA

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