Re: Anyone Comments on Sangean DT400W use?


Hey Rob:

The DT400W is the sensitivity champ, although it is unable to tune in 1
khz increments and the stock selectivity is rather broad, especially for
TA work. There is a filter mod posted at, but it sounds like you
may not be in a position to do that (I know I wouldn't even think about
it...). As for the ability to tune away from the standard 9/10 khz
channels, I personally would want that capability for serious DXing, even
domestic, although the judicious use of a passive loop antenna can really

If you're ready to step up, given that you have wielded a soldering iron,
a suggestion is to get an Eton e100 (within the correct serial number
range) and put the slider antenna on it. I have VERY modest soldering
skills, and I managed to do the mod fairly quickly. The stock filter in
the e100 is already top-of-the-class for Ultralights, and so you could see
how it goes before deciding whether or not to put a narrower filter in. I
see e100's on eBay quite a bit, and making sure what the serial number is
before buying would make sure you're getting what you need.

The stock-filtered e100 is an absolute terror on the domestic MW band, and
in Buffalo you should be able to hear a fair number of TA's.

$.02 from Kevin S. Bainbridge Island, WA

Only having the SRF-59 for 1 month as my first ULR, looking for a
digital readout ULR. Apperars from summer shootout that the Sangean
DT400W is best bet. However, can anyone comment on actually using that
set long term. OR, any other suggestions for my second set?


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