Re: Anyone Comments on Sangean DT400W use?

Steve Ponder <n5wbi@...>


I absolutely love my DT-400W! I started out with the
SRF-59, then got the ultralight bug in a big way and
purchased the SRF-M37V. Not satisfied with its wide
selectivity against my local stations, I purchased a
DT-200V. That led to my purchase of the DT-400W.

IMHO, the DT-400W has great sensitivity AND selectivity
across the band plus it has a dial light which helps
when DX'ing in bed at night. The addition of the US
weather band in place of the VHF analog TV band was a
good choice, too, since those stations will, for the
most part, go dark soon.

I liked my DT-400W so much I bought another one! I
keep the spare one nearby, programmed for 9-khz channels,
just in case I see where DX'ers in the middle of the USA
are catching TA's or TP's. So far, no luck, but there's
always the chance!

I don't think you'll be disappointed by the DT-400W.


Steve N5WBI
Houston TX

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