Re: SRF-M37V and SRF-M37W-Performance differences?


Hi Rob:

While the M37V is not the worst selectivity-wise (the true "F" in this
category is a Radio shack portable currently available, which is so bad it
only tunes in about 8 different stations, one every 100 khz or so!), in
stock form the M37V is tough to use in an urban environment. However, if
you live outside of a strong RF environment, then it works very well, and
Alan Willie in Newfoundland has set a lot of records with his stock unit.
I have an M37V with the filter replaced which transforms it into a new
radio, but if you are not up for that kind of technical task, then the
M37V/W may not be for you.

Kevin S
Bainbridge Island, WA

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Hi Rob,

As explained in the full review of the SRF-M37W in the 2008
Shootout (posted in the ULR file section of DXer.Ca), its
selectivity (or
lack thereof) is identical to that of the SRF-M37V. In fact, all
the AM
circuitry is unchanged.

73, Gary DeBock

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rob1326@... writes:

New and been lurking awhile. Have a SRF-59 after finding this

Digital display would help, so interested in SRF-M37; and I see
the V is replaced by W model. I Have read shootout about
issues in the V. Wondering if anyone knows if the SRF-M37W may be
better in selectivity or any other performance issues, in am band?

Also, what reference book(s) can someone recommend to identify am
letters, frequency, location of North American and/or World medium
wave, AM broadcasters?


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