Re: SRF-M37V and SRF-M37W-Performance differences?

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John and Rob,

A word of warning about Their database of Canadian stations is extremely out of date. In the first 200 stations they list for Ontario, I found 13 errors. These are such simple things as stations listed on MW that moved to FM as much as 15 years ago and stations that are not listed that have been on the air for about the same period of time. Other changes not in the database are more recent such as format changes or moves to FM.

In other words, don't expect accuracy.

Jim Orcheson, Burlington, Ontario Canada

John Plimmer wrote:

Rob, as far as books are concerned for IDing MW AM stations the best for
worldwide use is the WRTH 2009 annual. It is my "bible" and constantly by my
side. See: <> - its also available from American booksellers and
online at Amazon etc.

However if you are resident in the USA you may want something more
comprehensive and there are various huge lists put out by various clubs and
bodies - maybe someone else can help you with those addresses.

Also there are various web resources, my favourite being: <> and others like: <>
plus more that others might give you.

Good luck and good listening
John Plimmer, Montagu, Western Cape Province, South Africa

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Thanks for rapid response. I was only aware of and had read the First
Shootout results. Great info. in ULR section. Now interested in
Sangean DT400W.

Any suggestions for station id, freq. books?


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Hi Rob,

As explained in the full review of the SRF-M37W in the 2008
Shootout (posted in the ULR file section of DXer.Ca), its
selectivity (or
lack thereof) is identical to that of the SRF-M37V. In fact, all
the AM
circuitry is unchanged.

73, Gary DeBock

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New and been lurking awhile. Have a SRF-59 after finding this

Digital display would help, so interested in SRF-M37; and I see
the V is replaced by W model. I Have read shootout about
issues in the V. Wondering if anyone knows if the SRF-M37W may be
better in selectivity or any other performance issues, in am band?

Also, what reference book(s) can someone recommend to identify am
letters, frequency, location of North American and/or World medium
wave, AM broadcasters?


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