New UL Logs and a Mystery

John Cereghin <jcereghin@...>

A day on Sunday for the UL log, since none of that FM Es was making it into Delaware (that I noticed anyway).  New logs yesterday:

740 KRMG Tulsa OK, 2200, new for the UL log but a re-log overall, but nice since this adds Oklahoma to the log for my 34th UL state.

850 WFTL, West Palm Neach FL, 2205 with "Newsradio 8-5-0, WFTL" ID and south Florida weather.  912 miles at 1 kw (listed). Big signal, booming in.

1310  WTLB, Utica NY at 1530, "The All-New 1310, The Game", Fox Sports Radio and lots of ads for Rome, Utica and the Mohawk Valley.

1310  Here is the mystery- someone had the satellite feed open and I hears "This is the ABC Radio Networks Test Channel" loop from 2015-2030 with test tones for "the right channel", then "the left channel" and then "for both channels" but no IDs.  Anyone else hear this on Sunday night?

Now at 485 UL stations and 34 states.

John Cereghin
Smyrna DE

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