Re: Are we a part of the Amateur / Ham radio hobby?

Don Peacock <don_peacock@...>

If you were going to categorize these, "Radio" would be at the top and then there would be sub-divisions.  I know Ham radio operators that do almost zero transmitting.  They have big receive antenna's (separate from their transmit antenna's) and listen outside the ham bands extensively.  I know Hams that do 'Fox Hunts'  Radio direction finding, which is pretty much a 'receive' operation.

I personally like both, but being able to exchange messages 'transmit' is a big part of it for me.  Building antenna's/feed systems that will transmit involves a different/additional set of constraints to be managed.


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Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2014 01:40:48 -0700
Subject: [ultralightdx] Are we a part of the Amateur / Ham radio hobby?

A quick question for everybody: is amateur / ham radio only the transmitting side or could you class short wave / medium wave listening as part of this? I guess my question is how can this side of the hobby be described if it does not fit in to the above?


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