Re: Using a crystal radio for ultralight dxing?

R. Mark Barnett

I built my first razor blade radio in first grade... my mom almost had a heart attack! It was trash bound. She promptly replaced it with THIS "safer" crystal radio, with a good ground and a wire running from the house to the barn as an antenna. SO, this is the total of my crystal radio experience...  

I picked up quite a bit with it, hey it was fun! I'm sure it's not the pinnacle of crystal radio design... LOL  The current batch of ultralight radios are about as low as I care to go. I'll stick with my PL-380! (for now)  That said, to each their own! If there is a "super" crystal radio design out there I might try it too.
Mark B. N8PGV
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Subject: Re: [ultralightdx] Using a crystal radio for ultralight dxing?

How about the Little Wonder?
definitely shirt pocket size!

think that would definitely qualify!... for size, weight and
anything else. From what little I have played with crystal
radios, not many stations come thru. But I never did use an
earth ground....But you never know.... Getting outdoors away
from man made noise... maybe a mountain top... or in the
evening.... who knows. You would have to wait for station ID
to find out what you have received... But that's the
challenge. Improving on the antenna / coil can improve the
out some of these sites. Some of the more sophisticated
radios got some decent reception. The regens can be a bit
tricky t use though.

would be a definite challenge for sure.

Best Regards
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