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Bob Coomler

Absolutely agree about the Radiosport headsets. A little pricey, but truly worth it for the sound, comfort and longevity (the last two Heil fails at ... big time).  Check here:

Very nearly as good and more economical is the Yamaha CM500.  This has a headset mounted mic (I'm also a ham), but it is easily pushed out of the way.

Yamaha may also very well have a mic-less headset with the same specs.

I frequently use a little Koss EQ50 equalizer to get the sound comfortable. This may be out of production.

Bob Coomler
Tucson, AZ

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High fidelity headphones are not the best choice for extended listening of distant, noisy broadcasts. Very fatiguing for DXing IMO.  There are headsets specifically designed for communications. They generally de-emphasize the high frequencies where the hiss is and peak around the center of the voice frequencies. I have a pair of Radiosport headsets. They are huge but oh so nice for extended listening. If I were to use high fidelity headphones or earbuds I would have to buy or build some sort of tiny buffer amp that has an equalizer or low pass design.Heil would be another famous maker of Ham headsets to look into as well.

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What headphones do you guys use>

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