Newfoundland Ultralight Radio Logs Jan 26

Allen Willie

Hello To All,

Yesterday late afternoon into the evening the outlets/stations from Spain dominated the band on numerous frequencies. At this location I haven't logged anything new in the way of Trans-Atlantics for quite a while, I keep catching a new domestic here and there and this morning an early rise at 4:00 to about 5:30 AM Newfoundland time netted me two new additions to the Ultralight logbook


1480 - WGVU - Kentwood, Michigan 7:35 UTC 1/26/14 w/ oldies by Bob Dylan, Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Chicago & Donovan , ID "Real Oldies 1480 / 850 ", matched webfeed and also station webpage playlist for songs played. (Mixing with WSAR in Massachusetts)

Ultralight Station # 1226 Michigan Station # 9 heard from Newfoundland



1360 - WTAQ - Green Bay, Wisconsin 8:34 UTC 1/26/14 w/ Best of Coast to Coast AM, then into Radio Advertising promo, Hillsdale College promo, "Constitutional Minute" feature, " WTAQ, News, Talk, Sports " 1360 & 97.5 " ID matched website feed also ( mixing with WDRC Hartford, Connecticut )

Ultralight Station # 1227 Wisconsin Station # 7 heard from Newfoundland


Receiver: Sony SRF-M37W barefoot


Good DX


Allen Willie VOPC1AA

Carbonear, Newfoundland

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