Re: headphones


Although we ALL have our favorites...

For about two years now, after testing, buying and discarding/giving away others, my particular favorite is the JVC HA-RX500 headphones commonly seen on eBay and Amazon for sale. They are "surround -the-ear" type, well made, very lightweight to lower wearer fatigue, and have splendid sensitivity and clarity, and excellent frequency response.


Almost best of all, they are very reasonably, some say low, priced, and appear readily available in North America, Pacific Rim, Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

FYI, one of many listings showing them, copy and paste this eBay search into your web-browser:

and see the various JVC HA-RX500 results.


Hope this info is of benefit.

Joseph Rotello / Knoxville, TN / USA

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