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R. Mark Barnett

I like buds that fit deep and snug in my ears... They block out the room noise. (I can't hear the DX for my wife's snoring!)  I have several pairs and they all have a slightly different sound. The Sony, JVC and Nakamichi... sound better.  I like the clarity of the JVC best.. they have so little coloration I sometimes forget I'm wearing them. They were only  ~$7 at TJ Maxx!  (I should have got 6)

I have several pairs of over the ear headphones. Sony, JVC and Sennheiser... BUT even for extended listening I tend to wear the earbuds now... I have a pair of electronic noise cancelling headphones and prefer the noise blocking you get with good fitting earbuds.  

I bought some extra silicone tips and found some that fit my ears really well. The JVCs fit perfect out of the package.
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What headphones do you guys use>

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