Morse Code on 668-669 kHz

Paul S. in CT

As I came into the room and picked up the R-911 Receiver and tuned to WFAN 660kHz... there is Morse Code in the direction of SW or NE from location FN31nl. An obvious recheck in order with the PL-310 and 1kHz Bandwidth confirms maximum signal on 668 kHz. The general bandwith of QRM is wide on the cheap set perhaps +/- 10kHz. On the PL-310 DSP set standard BW of 3kHz indicaates RX up to 680 kHz. 670kHz is still quiet as Chicago hasn't kicked in yet.

Time 2345UT (1845 EST) and still on-going with brief pauses. Now drifting up to 669kHz max RX.

PaulĀ  S. in CT

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