Re: 2 New Stations

Allen Willie



Hi Guys:

Doing some tuning at Sunrise today and was rewarded with 2 New Stations for both the OVERALL and ULR LOGS!! Conditions sounded Lousy before 0700 EST….but really came alive on the high end of the Band after 0700 EST, which was when these 2 New Ones were logged.


ULR LOG TOTALS are now……………1070 Stations Heard

73…………ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA





Congrats on your latest bunch of new ULR  loggings. You have definitely been on a roll again lately. I've tried early mornings and through the evenings but I am still searching for my first new log of 2014. Conditions have been decent lately . I noticed the solar K index is currently at 3 so that may stir up something this evening on the dial.

Keep logging them Rob and Good Luck !


Allen Willie VOPC1AA

Carbonear, NL



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