Re: why does my 7.5" loopstick favor one direction above 1000 KHz?


Because the "classic" figure 8 reception pattern isn't the "same uv (microvolt) signal at both lobes of the figure 8" lobe, the one pointing more to your desired signal, will be seen (say on RF scope, spectrum analyzer, etc.) to be the "stronger" of the two, and the opposite lobe will be seen to be the lesser -- but not by much, in general.
What you are seeing is both "lobe centric" behavior, and also a result of the antenna's place in the response curve, likely meaning that the ferrite antenna's size, wire, inductance is slightly more sensitive, or making the resulting circuit it feeds, on the curve at 1000 kHz or above.
Joe Rotello / Knoxville, TN / USA

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