Myanmar-5985 on the PL380/6m X wire + RA just for fun..


5985 Myanmar Radio (Yangon) 1526-1600+ 9 Jan. Doing quite well this morning with Burmese pop/romantic songs, chimes/organ break @ :30,  partial EG ID "..we are broadcasting on...50.12 [?] metres, 576 kiloHertz.." news 'til :37 local weather, review of main news items, government PSA for "(Myanmar?) National Congress", W DJ with music program + background on the songs played ("All My Life"-Aaron Neville/Linda Ronstadt, "Summer Wine"-Lana del Rey (?), "The Heart Won't Lie"-Reba McIntire/Vince Gill), :52 segued modern dance/hip-hop past TOH..ACI from CRI-5980 (Xian in JP) 'til 1557..CRI-5985 (Beijing in Swahili) usually dominates after their *1600, but Myanmar pretty much made 'em sound like roadkill today.


5940 R. Australia (Shepparton) 1515+ 9 Jan. //5995, 7240, 9475, 12065, 12085 interviewing an Indonesian rock'n'roll singer & playing selections of his music (1 of 'em was Indo rockabilly--very nice!)..9475 was a mix of RA & WTWW, so i got killer tunes & Gosp-yelling in a bundle..& speaking of Indo rockabilly, check out YouTube for some neat Indo oi & ska bands---Malaysia also puts out some pretty good oi/ska, too.


hope everyone's enjoying 2014..good listening & cheers from the beach..



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