New Station on 840kHz tonite

Paul S. in CT

While listening to WRYM on Day power it did fade 2230-2255 EST. During that "down" period was a different Spanish-Tropical station. At first I thought this was a re-log of Cuba. But it turns out that the network "Radio Victoria" is not a Cuban logging, but rather WXEW from Puerto Rico. This matches a slogan found in the ex-AMLOGBOOK from 6/2013.

WXEW is broadcasting with 1000 watts at nite from Yabucoa, PR at a distance of 2689 km. The distance ranks as #19, and scoring as #7 with 19588 points. Station content is Tropical-Latina male announcer for the network ID. Radio used is the PL-310 barefoot at 22:51 EST. WXEW is station #633.

Paul S. in CT FN31nl (west)

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