Season's Greetings & a bit of DX..


Here are a few additions to the PL380 log:


3245 R/S YHWH (unID site) 0221+ 14 Dec. Usual taped religious exposition & also heard on 3250 0203+ 21 Dec.


3320 R. Sonder Grense 0320-0330+ 21 Dec. Where else but RSG can i enjoy Elvis ("Heartbreak Hotel"), Abba ("Waterloo"), & a cover of "Love Me or Leave Me" all back-announced in AK by a cheery M DJ? 1st 90M African log on the PL380 & pleased to find it w/ a fair signal this evening.


4055 R. Verdad 0224-0230+ 21 Dec. Closing "Frecuencia al Dia", chimes/marimba intro to ID/frequency/p-mail address, then bird calls sounding a lot like the Zambian fish eagle IS segued to a Slavonic/Hungarian dance tune.


5980 VOA (Iranawila) 0018-0058* 16 Dec. VOA's Tibetan broadcast finally rolled in with a decent enough signal to hear the sounders + "V-O-A" tags after each short TB nx item/commentary..3-note VOA signature tones @ :54 & :58, as sign of Chaski after VOA s/off, tho..


6160 CKZU 0125 14 Dec. Ahh! my favorite holiday tune, "Christmas Wrapping" by The Waitresses played as a request from Jordana to her husband Rob..guess the Christmas season is "officially" started & as a bonus, i can hear CKZN (my Newfie friend) mixing about 35-65 w/ 'ZN from 0044-0100+, too.


6200 Xizang PBS (Lhasa) 1611+ 23 Dec. Happy to find XPBS' EG program "Holy Tibet" with chat/TB songs & program ID @ 1621..//7255 (when the hams pause for breath)/6110 (vy poor)/6025 (vy poor, but better than 6110)


11665 Wai FM/Sarawak FM (via RTM Kajang) 1551-1605* 23 Dec. Nice old-school US C&W w/ W DJ, Negara Ku + pips @ TOH & Sarawak FM program begins with EG Islamic religious pop ("Praises to Allah") cut off mid-song @ 1605 (occasionally Sarawak hangs on 'til 1615, but usually they're done by 1605 or so)..Sarawak FM-9835 (normally a lock here) unhrd this morning--xmtr problems?


15105 TWR (Manzini) 1619-1627* 17 Dec. & *1556-1601+ 19 Dec. TWR IS/ID loop + theme @ s/on, into (p) Kirundi chat over chimes..closing w/ (p) religious chat by 2 M, organ bridge of "Joy To The World", TWR IS & off.


15125 unID (CRI-Bamako sked AR 16-17, Swahili 17-18) 1558-1602+ 21 Dec. My favorite unID 19M station..always a big carrier & practically no modulation, except today they produced an itty-bitty amount of AR-sounding chat, maybe a trend & by the new year they'll be IDable.


Season's Greetings/Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas to the ULR crew & thanks to you all for making this yg so useful/fun.


Cheers from the beach..






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