Logged this week

Stan Horzepa

(I sent this to the list last night, but it never made it, so I am resending it tonight.)

I was inactive since Thanksgiving because I was nursing my wife back to health after her surgery, but now that she is transitioning from a walker to a cane, I managed to squeeze in a little radio time this week and nabbed three new stations:

- CHHA on 1610 kHz from Toronto, ON / 350 miles on December 10 at 0329Z with an S0 to S4 signal.

- WKDV on 1460 kHz from Manassas, VA / 310 miles on December 12 at 2324Z with an S0 to S4 signal.

- WVON on 1690 kHz from Berwyn, IL / 760 miles on December 12 at 2338Z with an S0 to S2 signal.

All were heard with my CC SW Pocket receiver and a Terk Advantage antenna.

Stan Horzepa, WA1LOU
Compounce Mountain
Wolcott, CT, USA

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